This little quiltlet was made as part of an ongoing challenge with my local quilt group. It is another of the fabric journal pages that we have been working on all year.
The theme for September was ‘Age’. Loooking at my little piece, you may not immediately be able to identify how I used Age as my inspiration- yes? no?
It represents the different ages of mankind- from stone age on the left through the bronze age and up to the iron age on the right. Each of the little embellishments were sewn on to represent each of those Ages.
The backing is a piece of linen with torn edges and I started by adding some hand stitches. The embellishments were all sorts of bits and pieces I’ve gathered or found here and there..
in the middle I added some bronze foil highlights
Before I went too far, I got the idea to paint some gesso onto the background to add some visual texture
on the side couched some stones in amongst the stone-coloured buttons and other pieces, then added scraps of fabric and some random hand-stitches amongst the folds of coloured cheesecloth
The last step was to do some free-motion quilting over the top half with a cream-coloured thread.
So, that’s my interpretation of ‘age’!

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  1. Love it Karen and yes, I got your concept straight away. :) I really enjoyed creating my Age and Time pages, not overly fond of the constant shape and totally stuck on Astology! lol I’ll get there!

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