our quilt anniversary

30 years of quilts from scores of members throughout all those years- my local group- Gatton Quilters- had an Airing of the Quilts for our anniversary this past weekend.
We were fortunate to have use of the local Historical Village for our setting, so our quilts were displayed in various locations throughout the village.
We hung them from the verandahs
and we grouped them on verandahs
we hung them amongst the trees
and we flung them over church pews
As well as our quilts the charms of the village were also on show…
Gatherings like these are always great because we get to see what a lovely diverse group of quilters we are. There was such a display of beautiful quilts that everyone has made over a large part of the 30 years: varying methods and techniques, colour choices and styles. It was also interesting to see how the quilts of individuals had changed over the years- from the much-loved sampler quilts that so many of us start with to quilts of bright colours and combinations perhaps not so common 30 years ago!
Thankyou Gatton Quilters- it was a lovely weekend.

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