making it up as I go along…

I’ve been playing around with some blocks, piecing some ‘spare parts’ with the idea of adding them to this centre medallion that I started in a Gwen Marston workshop in July.
I was at a loss as to what to do; even though I wanted to sew, I didn’t have much motivation to get up and get started. Do you have days like that? Since doing that workshop, I haven’t done anymore to this block so thought it was time to do so. Rather than have a specific plan for how I want a finished quilt to look, I’ve wanted this to be an improvised quilt: to play and experiment and just make some blocks with the aim of adding them all together in a ‘scrappy’ looking pattern. Using some of Gwen’s books for inspiration, I started with making a few different blocks.
I made some wonky stars and some 9-patch blocks, and..
joined odd strips together, and..
some half-square triangles, and..
just experimented.
I’m aiming for a quilt that is almost a sampler quilt; made up of different blocks all over it. So, you tend to think that it would be easy to just make a variety of them and join them all up. But it’s not quite that easy! Maybe I just over-think it, but there are so many other things to take into account: the size of the blocks- not the size as in wanting them to all measure to fit together perfectly because I can always just add liitle strips or end pieces for that- I mean the size or scale of one style of block in proportion to others around it.
Then there’s the colour and values of the blocks- whether to have the darks scattered through the top or have it radiating outwards from the centre from light to dark to light.
It can become a little overwhelming! so I’m just going to keep at making the blocks and when I have a big enough supply to pick and choose from, then I’ll start to see what can go where. Maybe?