a long weekend

I’ve just had a lovely weekend on the Sunshine Coast- an early Spring weekend but fast approaching summer. An indoor cricket competition to attend (and a well-deserved win!) which still left time to go early walking on the beach…
There’s something about the water and waves at the beach that is mesmerising….
Beautiful weather, even to get some sun…
#fmsphotoaday {white} white legs on the beach

And here are my photos for August, not in any particular order (!)

{Something beginning with ‘n’} some cute little notes:
#fmsphotoaday aug1 {something beginning with N} cute little notes

{best} of nature:
#fmsphotoaday {best} .. Of nature

{a room} my favourite room, of course!..
#fmsphotoaday { a room } my favourite...

{yellow} the little yellow centres only help to make the purple special…

#fmsphotoaday {yellow} the little bit of yellow emphasises the purple

{a sign} a fabulous school project I will cherish..
#fmsphotoaday aug7 {a sign}

{someone you spoke to today} lots of someones when I had to work at an Open Day for work….
#fmsphotoaday {someone you spoke to today} lots of someones at Open Day