our quilt anniversary

30 years of quilts from scores of members throughout all those years- my local group- Gatton Quilters- had an Airing of the Quilts for our anniversary this past weekend.
We were fortunate to have use of the local Historical Village for our setting, so our quilts were displayed in various locations throughout the village.
We hung them from the verandahs
and we grouped them on verandahs
we hung them amongst the trees
and we flung them over church pews
As well as our quilts the charms of the village were also on show…
Gatherings like these are always great because we get to see what a lovely diverse group of quilters we are. There was such a display of beautiful quilts that everyone has made over a large part of the 30 years: varying methods and techniques, colour choices and styles. It was also interesting to see how the quilts of individuals had changed over the years- from the much-loved sampler quilts that so many of us start with to quilts of bright colours and combinations perhaps not so common 30 years ago!
Thankyou Gatton Quilters- it was a lovely weekend.

making a mosaiic

There is a really neat competition happening over in the blog Stitched in Color. You make a mosaiic of photos to a colour theme and enter it in to her competition to win some lovely fabric! To make the mosaiic, you go to the Mosaiic Maker tool and follow the instructions. The theme was ‘Washed Earth”, and this was my mosaiic:
mosaicc72f764df12d4ea5b28e52cbe15d2c22d1eb14cd (2)
It’s made from fabric photos on the Pink Chalk website, and you pick and choose which fabric photos to put in to the mosaiic.
Or you could just go and make up a mosaiic using your own images for fun :)
Go and have a look and a play!

airing of the quilts

If you are anywhere near Gatton this weekend, or even passing through from Bris to Toowoomba, consider stopping in at Gatton Quilters’ Airing of the Quilts.
A lovely display of quilts will be hung up in the grounds of the Historical Village in Gatton. It’s to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Gatton Quilters, and that’s a good excuse to have a Quilt Show!
Details are below:

Gatton Quilters Inc.

Celebrate 30 Years of Quilting in the Lockyer Valley

Airing of the Quilts

10 am to 3 pm

Saturday 28 September 2013
Gatton Historical Village
Freemans Road

Free entry
BYO Picnic Lunch

Musical entertainment by the
Moreton Bay Symphony Orchestra

Further information:
Marilyn Whereat: 54 623190
Meryl Blair: 54 621985

a good weekend

I am a very lucky girl. I got to spend my birthday doing what I love- sewing!!- while my beautiful daughter and her boyfriend cooked me up a delicious dinner.
I also talked to my oldest son who lives interstate, and received some lovely gifts. Very spoilt!
bday1Having some concentrated time at the sewing machine meant I got this block finished:
This is the LAST block in the Lollipop Trees Quilt YAY!!! It was one that I did using a machine-applique method, and I actually started it very early in the process. I thought I would maybe use that method on quite a few blocks but only actually did this one. As it turned out, doing the rest by hand was more convenient because I could take them with me whenever I wanted a portable hand-sewn project or in front of the television at night.
I’m quite happy with how it turned out. I was interested to try the machine applique and I took some notes anlog the way on the tips I found, so I might write a post on that sometime this week.
Have a good one!

another one bites the dust..

Another block finished in this very long-term project of the Lollipop Trees quilt (pattern by Kim McLean).
Slowly but surely I’m knocking these over. I have been working on this quilt for about 2 years now. It has taken a very large supply of mainly Kaffe Fassett fabrics, but also any other brightly coloured prints that I could find. I kept them all separate in one large container, separating out a selection into a basket that I would use for each block.

The actual hand-sewing of the applique was the quickest part of them; choosing which fabrics to use where while trying to make each block different to all of the others actually took the longest time.
These photos probably don’t look the best as I haven’t pressed the blocks yet- I want to wash any marking pencil off before I put the iron on them.
The trouble is, once I finish these large blocks there are also little blocks that form a border all round. I better keep sewing…

making it up as I go along…

I’ve been playing around with some blocks, piecing some ‘spare parts’ with the idea of adding them to this centre medallion that I started in a Gwen Marston workshop in July.
I was at a loss as to what to do; even though I wanted to sew, I didn’t have much motivation to get up and get started. Do you have days like that? Since doing that workshop, I haven’t done anymore to this block so thought it was time to do so. Rather than have a specific plan for how I want a finished quilt to look, I’ve wanted this to be an improvised quilt: to play and experiment and just make some blocks with the aim of adding them all together in a ‘scrappy’ looking pattern. Using some of Gwen’s books for inspiration, I started with making a few different blocks.
I made some wonky stars and some 9-patch blocks, and..
joined odd strips together, and..
some half-square triangles, and..
just experimented.
I’m aiming for a quilt that is almost a sampler quilt; made up of different blocks all over it. So, you tend to think that it would be easy to just make a variety of them and join them all up. But it’s not quite that easy! Maybe I just over-think it, but there are so many other things to take into account: the size of the blocks- not the size as in wanting them to all measure to fit together perfectly because I can always just add liitle strips or end pieces for that- I mean the size or scale of one style of block in proportion to others around it.
Then there’s the colour and values of the blocks- whether to have the darks scattered through the top or have it radiating outwards from the centre from light to dark to light.
It can become a little overwhelming! so I’m just going to keep at making the blocks and when I have a big enough supply to pick and choose from, then I’ll start to see what can go where. Maybe?

a long weekend

I’ve just had a lovely weekend on the Sunshine Coast- an early Spring weekend but fast approaching summer. An indoor cricket competition to attend (and a well-deserved win!) which still left time to go early walking on the beach…
There’s something about the water and waves at the beach that is mesmerising….
Beautiful weather, even to get some sun…
#fmsphotoaday {white} white legs on the beach

And here are my photos for August, not in any particular order (!)

{Something beginning with ‘n’} some cute little notes:
#fmsphotoaday aug1 {something beginning with N} cute little notes

{best} of nature:
#fmsphotoaday {best} .. Of nature

{a room} my favourite room, of course!..
#fmsphotoaday { a room } my favourite...

{yellow} the little yellow centres only help to make the purple special…

#fmsphotoaday {yellow} the little bit of yellow emphasises the purple

{a sign} a fabulous school project I will cherish..
#fmsphotoaday aug7 {a sign}

{someone you spoke to today} lots of someones when I had to work at an Open Day for work….
#fmsphotoaday {someone you spoke to today} lots of someones at Open Day

black and white and red all over

I’ve been quilting on my long-arm- Barb has made this quilt for her son: lot sof masculine colours, with nice soft fluffy/plush backing (I can’t remember its name!)
It was interesting to see how that fabric would quilt up, but the machine handled it perfectly, and the quilting stitches have sunk right into its surface, making it look quite cuddly.
On the striped border, I have sewn straight lines in the black stripes, with black thread used all over the quilt.
On the central body of the quilt, Barb wanted a design that was in keeping with the strong colour scheme- no flowers or leaves!
She didn’t want any quilting on the red border so that helps it stand out a little more.
A really striking quilt!