what is a background

I was casting my eye around looking for a photo for the theme of ‘background’, and of course my mind immediately started thinking of background fabrics we use in quilting and embroidery. I was thinking how important a seemingly inocuous fabric can be- how it forms the foil for whatever is going to be placed on top of it. The appliques or the sttcheries we place on it usually get so much more attention, and often a pale or light-coloured fabric is chosen for the background so as not to clash.
I often like to choose a spot or textured fabric for some variety, so I like to think I have moved on a little in my background choices, but I aim to be more adventurous in future- step by step!
In these lollipop-tree blocks I have used spots
and for this block the text fabric was used as the ‘background’ fabric.
When looking around my garden I realised that the group of native trees and plants we have would often be seen as a background for other more flashy plantings in front of them, or maybe as a setting for a family or special-occasion photo. But why can’t they be special in their own right? They struck me as being beautiful as they are.


And another thing, I recently went with some friends to see the exhibition of quilts at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art which I can highly recommend. If you have a chance to get to Brisbane sometime, you really need to see it! The quilts are from London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, but also include the Rajah quilt, which is a quilt-top pieced by female convicts deported to Australia in 1841. It’s probably even worth more than a single visit!