time was the theme

The theme for this month’s art quilt journal page was “time”. I couldn’t come up with anything that I could use to interpret the theme for a very long while, until one beautiful Sunday I decided to take a photo of some clouds. Then awhile later I took another photo-and realised that if I took a photo every hour or so of the same piece of sky, I would in fact be making a photographic essay of time.
As I took those photos over the course of the day, I was witness to a fantastic display of Nature that so clearly illustrated time. To reproduce them on fabric, I decided to use some “Transfer Artists Paper”, which is a specially treated paper that allows you to print a photo onto it- or any picture- and you then take that and place it on the background fabric and iron it down.
I arranged 6 of the photos in a grid and printed them in sepia tones onto the paper. These colours suited the running theme I’ve been developing with each of my month’s pages. The linen background was first prepared by machine-sketching a tree outline in black thread, mirroring the tree that appears in the photos. I cut the photos up and sewed them on top of the tree, spacing them out a little.
I did some free-motion stitching on each of those little squares to add some interest to the individual photos.
Here is the back: which will have a backing piece added eventually.
And that was it.