a quilting weekend

I’ve just had a lovely weekend away at Coolum on a quilt retreat with my local group, Gatton Quilters. We stayed at Coolum on the Sunshine Coast, and the weather was just beautiful. This was the view we had from the windows of the large room that we use to sew and quilt in all day:
Lots of quilting projects, big and small, get brought along amid great expectations of getting as much done as we can in the weekend- at least I do anyway, as I don’t get as much sewing time as I would like these days- but then, is it ever enough? I think the best part of these weekends is that we get to sew and sew all day without having to stop if we don’t have to, except our meals which are cooked for us!
Lots of people were working on lots of things; Lyn was trying a quick jelly-roll quilt, with consultation from others:
Amanda bought a bag pattern and fabric on the way to Coolum and was very pleased that she got it all made and complete in the weekend:
Margaret got a few quilt-tops together in the weekend- this one is in a very elegant sophisticated colourway:
She also brought along some show-and-tell: this is a McKenna Ryan pattern, in one of my favourite mix of colours- purple, blue and green:
and a quilt that she made in a recent workshop with Helen Godden using fabric-painting:
Alison finished putting together a top that has been patiently waiting its turn in her sewing room:
an interesting top with 3-D effects within the blocks:
I also got a few things finished but I’ll show them next time!