a little birdie block

I felt like doing some foundation piecing the other day, so decided to make a little birdie block. Foundation piecing tends to be a technique that polarises a lot of quilters, but I don’t mind it for when I want to make something that has sharp points and would be tricky to make otherwise.
I found this little bird block in one of my books..
and then searched for some bright fabrics to use.
Bright reds, blues and yellow for the bird and a blue spot for the background.
I planned ahead with which fabric to use for which piece of the bird and marked that on the foundation paper, because it’s easy to forget which piece I intended for each section.

Then all I had to do was sew along the straight lines of the pattern.
I just wanted to make the block a little larger than the 4″ size pattern that was provided so added some border pieces all around it because that was easier tham getting it photocopied at a bigger size on a Sunday afternoon!
For this pattern, the beak was a little folded square which got sewn into the seam and then pressed down, and his little eye was a hand-sewn knot added on at the end. Voila! one little birdie!