photos for July

A little round-up of what’s been happening in this corner of the world via a selection of my daily photos:

July 4 the theme was {red, white or blue}: a print I once bought. It’s a lovely illustration, by Brenda E Spender, taken from a 1930’s book called ‘People of importance and important people’.
#fmsphotoaday july4 {red white or blue}

July 8 {path}: a little sand garden, which is a little memento from my previous workplace- each little doll resembles one of us co-workers! We used to keep this on one of the benches and regularly move them around to create little scenarios!
#fmsphotoaday jul8 {path}

July 15 {building} at the school my children all went to, they made these little clay houses. This one was made by my eldest son- I’ve kept them all because I just love them!
#fmsphotoaday july19 {building}

July 18 {number}: we had a very important birthday this month- my beautiful only daughter turned 21
#fmsphotoaday jul18 {number} a significant one at that!

July 23 {I drew this..} some doodling of quilting designs
#fmsphotoaday july23 {I drew this..} quilting doodling

That month went so quickly!