textile treasures

In my last post I showed the art quilt I made as part of a challenge, using a bag of random items. Today I thought I’d also show some of the other quilts that were made by my fellow guild members.
This one was made by Helen:
Helen was the lucky- although she thinks she was unlucky!- recipient of the bag of stuff I donated, which had some black patterned chiffon fabric, which became seaweed;
teabag paper, small bits of craftwood, wool, ribbon and a feather, and ….
some metallic sequin waste which makes excellent fish!
Margaret made a quilt bag:
This one was created by Shirley- the sea was a popular theme this month!:
2013-07-13 10.55.04
This next one was created by Lyn, who cleverly utilised a CD as the base for the whirligig in the bottom left corner:
And Meryl’s, which I have shown here before:

The thing about challenges like these is that they bring out everyone’s inventiveness and allows us to give reign to our creativity- the ways that people can come up with using seemingly random bits and pieces is unique to all those individuals, and it’s so much fun to see what they are!
Some true textile treasures!