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Hello and welcome to any new visitors that have made their way here to my blog through the ‘Let’s Get Acquainted Blog Hop’. The blog hop is being hosted by Plum and June, and it’s a great avenue for us newish bloggers to connect up with others, as well as find lots of new blogs we might otherwise not find! There is a button on my side-bar which will take you to the Let’s Get Acquainted blog posts on Plum and June‘s website, but I also have listed here at the bottom of this blog all those blogs in centre place this week!

My name is Karen and I live in a small town called Gatton in beautiful Queensland. While I have been quilting for quite a few years now, I only started this blog in 2012, to coincide with my new quilting business. I started a long-arm quilting business, using a Gammill machine, and have slowly been building that up, while also still sewing as many quilts of my own as I can, and fitting that in around a day job.
My blog is called Little Birdie Quilting Studio and I chose this name for a few reasons. My daughter’s nickname, which I think came from her two brothers, was always ‘little birdie’ and plus birds are very prominent in modern quilting today, so I thought I’d tap into that as well. And plus they just look cute!
#fmsphotoaday jul9 {3 things} 3 little birdies
On my blog I like to write and show photos of my patchwork and quilting, as well as the quilts that I long-arm quilt for others, my family,our pets and just anything that takes my fancy, really!
The quilts I like to make have mainly been those where I can use lots of colour- Kaffe Fassett fabric is a favourite- and I generally prefer pieced quilts, with as many different fabrics as I can. I love scrappy quilts!
Having just said that, I also have to confess to a long-term applique quilt that I have been making. It is a Kim McLean pattern called ‘Lollipop Trees’ using Kaffe fabrics, and I thought I would do it to make myself get more acquainted with applique. Well, it has certainly done that- I’ve nearly finished all of the 16 large blocks for it, but it also has lots of little blocks around the border.
With quilting, I have been trying to develop my own style and I like to free-motion quilt. I make up a lot of designs to suit the quilt in front of me at the time, and like to ‘free-wheel’ it, avoiding marking a design if possible.
I have a real leaning towards art quilts, and with this work I tend to go towards a look using old re-purposed fabrics, natural colours, lots of texture, fabric collage and exploring with lots of different bits and pieces.
On my blog, I have occasionally given little tutorials- I call them ‘How to…’, with the most recent demonstrating my preferred version of applique.
I don’t think I’m an expert in any of these techniques, but I write about them in response to questions I get on how did I do a particular thing- so I put it on the blog.
Earlier this year I was lucky enough to take part in a the “My Favourite Block” Quiltalong. I was one of the block designers, and I found that an exciting experience to take part in. You can read about my block here, where I showed a scrappy reverse applique technique.

Blocks from the Quilt Along- still thinking about how to arrange them!

Blocks from the Quilt Along- still thinking about how to arrange them!


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56 thoughts on “my turn on the Let’s Get Acquainted blog hop…..

  1. Wow I adore all of your quilts using Kaffe Fassett fabrics! Such inspiring ways to use such beautiful prints. Thank you so much for sharing, this was a lovely stop on the blog hop journey 🙂

  2. Karen, your art quilts are amazing. I just love the detail in them. Nice to know more about you. The lollipops is going to be great when done, the Fassett fabrics are perfect.

  3. *SIgh* my mouth literally dropped open to my chest when I scrolled down and caught a glimpse of the first quilt you shared. Your scrappy, red squares. SO. GORGEOUS. Wow. Just so beautiful. Visiting from the blog hop!!!

  4. Wow – so many gorgeous quilts. I love your art quilts – they’re something I aspire too! And the long-term applique project looks amazing x

  5. You’re quite brave to try what looks like such a big applique project! I confess that I’m scared by applique. I love it when long-armers stitch words onto the quilts!

  6. Thank you so much for introducing yourself! Your little mixed-media white birdie that you use in your header image is so striking. I love it, and your art quilts that incorporate so many different textures and fibers, especially.

  7. Beautiful work – The Lollipop Tree applique is exquisite! Truly, I love everything you have done. Very nice to meet you and get to know a bit about you.

  8. Thank you for your post! How interesting your work is! Very colorful which is very pleasing to me. I too Love Scrappy, and color . All your pics are wonderful! Happy blogging enjoy the journey.

  9. Wow, I love how much color you use in your quilts, beautiful!! Glad to meet you on the hop:)

  10. That first quilt in your post with all of the Kaffe Fasset…DROOL! So amazing! I am also jealous of your long arm. Oh the dream… So great to meet you!

  11. Thank you for your post. My favourite are your last blocks. Looking forward to seeing what you decide to do with them. I’m a new Bloglovin’ follower!

  12. So nice to meet you! I love that first scrappy quilt with all the strips. It is just so stunning I had to go back and look at it again! I also love your quilting in cursive.

  13. I enjoyed reading your post. Glad to have met you through the hop. My favourite are the last blocks in your post. I’d love to see how you decide to use them!

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  15. Hi Karen, nice to meet you …I love your quilts the Kaffe Fassett one is amazing… it must have taken ages and the little deer applique block is soooo cute, I really need to give it a go 🙂 Amy

  16. Your work is beautiful. I really love the understated and subtle loveliness of that collection of blocks at the end of your post in the greys and muted colors. Gorgeous! Your fabric collages are amazing as well. So nice to meet you!

  17. You definitely have a great unique style which you have embraced to make great works of art. I just bought some Kaffe Fassett fabric for the first time and I am looking forward to start using it. Congrats on your post

  18. Hi Karen!
    Love the different kinds of quilts. I am starting to lean toward doing more or trying more art type quilts. I just like that little bit of something really different and then I go back to making a bigger quilt. I am curious as to how you quilted that diamond Kaffe quilt as I was given that kit and have it all together but stewing over how to quilt it on my home machine. I have never done one that big before.
    Nice to meet you on the tour!

  19. Whoa!!! Your appliqué is beautiful and I love your diamond quilt. Your use of bright colors is beautiful!’ Congrats on your quilting business. So glad to find your blog on this hop!!!

  20. Gat to read about you Karen. Good luck with building that quilting business-what joy to find work in a hobby. I love those last blocks in the post particularly-the colours are beautiful.

  21. What a great post! How awesome you have started a long arm quilting business. I am trying to get one started as well. I would love to talk to you sometime about how it is going for you. Continue the great work.

  22. What a great blog post! How excited you have started your own long arm business. I am working on getting mine started as well. I would love to talk to you more about it and your experience with it!

  23. Nice to meet you through the Hop! I really like the color combo on that last set off blocks. The black/white with blue/green/purple is so pretty 🙂

  24. Nice to meet you Karen! Your quilts are fab – I especially love the super colourful ones, but that little art quilt with the houses really caught my eye as well. I am envious of your long-arm machine – hope you’re having a lot of fun with it 🙂

  25. Coming to visit via the hop and so glad I did! You are amazingly talented. One of my favourite photos in your post is the block that looks like brick/clay houses stacked on a hill overlooking the ocean – really neat! I look forward to visiting again and seeing more of your incredible work. So glad to find you through the hop!

  26. It’s so nice to meet you through the blog hop, Karen! I *love* the little white bird in your header–do you make other three-dimensional objects as well? I’m excited to look at your how-to about applique–I love learning about different techniques!

  27. Hi Karen, just read you reverse applique technique with the striped leaf. Beautiful! i can see so many options for this – thanks!

  28. Lovely to know more about you! Love the variety of blocks and the appliqué looks like so much fun!

  29. Hi Karen! Great to meet you via the hop. Your appliqué work is so interesting! I love that one with the deer, especially.

  30. Karen,
    Great post and I won’t forget your blog name because of your sweet story. Glad you are on the hop!

  31. Karen,
    I really enjoyed getting to know you. I love your quilts. the Kaffe quilt and the triangle quilt are gorgeous. But I especially like your art quilts. You are not just a quilter but an artist! I am a new follwer 🙂
    xo jan

  32. What a fabulous post. I love the scrappy feel of your quilts and blocks and your art quilts are gorgeous. It was really nice to meet you through the hop.

  33. I really enjoyed that intro. How exciting to have a long arm! A dream of mine. Your work is so fun and colorful. Thanks again!

  34. Great post! Your projects are really fabulous. Especially those art quilts- stunning!

    It’s nice to meet you! 🙂

  35. It sure has been nice to meet you through the blog hop, Karen! I enjoyed reading a little more about you and your quilting style. Will have to check out all your “How To’s”. I especially like your art quilts. Keep it up! Looking forward to seeing what you will create in the future!


  36. Lovely to meet you! I love the grey quilt with the houses on, it reminds me of our holidays! 🙂

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