photos for June

Another month already, and I haven’t showed my selection of daily photos for June!

June 2 and the theme was {a moment}: a very special moment in these little animnals’ lives- feed time, and all eyes are on the main game…
#fmsphotoaday jun2 { a moment} food time

June 4 {after dark}:
#fmsphotoaday june4 {after dark}

June 13 {kitchen}: it’s fun to play around with taking photos- this one looked good in black and white- my new coffee maker is on the left-yum!
#fmsphotoaday jun13 {kitchen}

June 20 {cute} ; this little Navy teddy is cute- he resides in a special person’s bedroom
#fmsphotoaday jun20 {cute} someone's teddy

June 28 {red}: obligatory rose photo- the rose garden has been pruned today, so no more of these for a little while!
#fmsphotoaday june28 {red}

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