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It’s like I’m going on holidays. I’ve been packing my bags, working out what I have to take, getting it all ready the night before, charging the battery on the phone and the camera. Anyone would think I will be away for a week, but no, it’s only for 2 days.
I’m going to a workshop. Yay!! I have 2 days off work and I’m going to a workshop in Toowoomba with the world-famous Gwen Marston- she of the Liberated Quiltmaking fame, and those glorious colourful quilts in collaboration with Freddie Moran. It’s too good an opportunity to miss!
Even so, it was hard to decide on what fabric to take. This is my box of fabric ready to go.
The first day is on Liberated Medallions, so we need appropriate fabric to work in with that. My first love is really bright fabrics, but I thought maybe I should take the opportunity to try something different. I bought this fabric some months ago, with the intention of making it a feature fabric for a quilt but not sure how, plus it is in colours I haven’t used a lot of before.
I’ve gathered these pieces to perhaps put with it:
But then, I might also take this bright poppy fabric by Laura Gunn:
On the second day, we are following Gwen’s book ’37 Sketches’ which I haven’t seen before, but I’m taking mainly solids to work with that, but maybe also a few other bright prints.
Choices, choices, choices!
The machine is packed up, the sewing supplies and my special notebook are ready and I can’t wait! I’ll let you know how it goes.

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  1. Have a great two days Karen! Looking forward to seeing the results. Workshops are so inspiring and looks like this one will be too…good on ya! :)

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