loops of colour

A quilt I completed recently on my longarm machine was this colourful one by Colleen.
She requested an all-over pattern, not too densely quilted and an occasional flower or butterfly.
I did an over-sized open stippled pattern, adding in a butterfly or flower in some of the plainer blocks,
and where there were some blocks made of the large floral I quilted around the petals and leaves in that fabric.
It’s always interesting to work out which colour thread to use for a multi-coloured quilt such as this one. I ended up using a light mauve thread, which seemed to look the best on the top where it could range across all the blocks and not look out of place, and also looked good on the back side where it didn’t stand out against the plainer backing fabric.
If I had used green, that would be too much contrast for the yellow. If I used yellow, that didn’t show up favourably on the green.
Mauve proved the winner.