rusty works

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘rust’? Perhaps old ships come to mind with rusting hulls and anchors, or maybe the old garden gate, or even the colours of autumn leaves. Our little art quilt group thought of all those things this past month when coming up with ideas for our fabric journal page with the challenge theme of rust.
I immediately knew I wanted to include on my piece rusted bits and pieces, so set about looking around the yard and my husband’s garden shed for just the right bits. I posted here a couple of weeks back about the background piece I was using, generously given by Meryl:
She made some fabric by wrapping up bits of iron and leaving it exposed to the weather. On top of that I sewed some teabags that I’been saving: the marks left by the drying tea leaves had a very rusty look to them.
I sewed them on top of the fabric by machine, in a grid pattern to resemble city buildings. I then set to adding the bits of rusted metal I had found. I used threads of different colour and weights, as well as different stitches.
I really love the effect, and it also plays into the cityscape theme I have casually running through a lot of my work.
I’ve named it ‘Rust in the City’!
Here are some of the pages made by others in the Gatton Quilters Art Quilt Group:
Meryl made a rusty anchor:
Shirley does beautiful work- look at this tiny bias binding in her rusty gate:
Margaret did ‘Rusty’
Trish K included some lovely handwork:
Lyn did some rusty autumn leaves:
and Jan K included some rusty objects with text:
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