lots to show

My local quilt group, Gatton Quilters, had their meeting/sewing day last Saturday. Being a cold windy day, it was perfect for just sewing and catching up. As usual there were lots of lovely finished projects for show-and-tell.
Barb had this lovely little quilt that she recently finished for a great grandchild:
Jan K showed some of her lovely handwork:
Jan M must have had a busy month and had these to show us:
Karen S has been experimenting with ‘layer cakes’- in this quilt she cut strips off the squares, mixed them around and added some extra sashing: although I think this photo might be the other side (!)
In this next quilt in progress she has added some extra pieces to the sashing to vary it again- the colours in these fabrics look great:
Our art quilt group is also working on a challenge where we have to utilise a ‘bag of stuff’- each of us has a bag of bits and pieces that we must include in a small art quilt. The bag could contaon all manner of items, from old zips, threads, felt pieces, scraps of fabric or leather, leaves, teabags etc. We have a couple who have tackled this and produced their works already: Meryl has produced this beauty ‘Flower Basket’ from her ‘bag of stuff':
She has been really clever in how she used some of the items- check out the watch band used across the vase, the wooden bead that was sawed in half for flower buds and the zips used for the flower centres..
and Trish K has created Masquerade:
This project really is giving us a challenge- the due date for these is July so I better get a move on to finish mine.