colouring in 5 ways

Want a little colour in your weekend? Here (south east Queensland) it is an overcast day, with lots of grey clouds threatening rain. So, I felt like playing with some colour. Have you seen this web site where you can create your own colour palettes: Palette Builder You just load one of your own photos and it instantly creates a colour palette for you of the colours contained in that photo.
I was prompted by this pretty photo I took yesterday of these roses:
I have always thought that deep red roses were my favourite, but I have to say the colour combinations we sometimes get from our rose garden often make me rethink that.
This is the colour palette from that photo:
Another couple I tried: a garden shot
and some tea leaves:
There are so many ways you could use this application, e.g. to determine what colours are in a fabric or quilt you like if you are looking for others to complement it:
And then I played around with some of the effects you can use in the photo-editing software I use (PhotoScape), which I’m sure is probably the same in most programs.
This shows that original photo with blurring around the edges:
this is called “crystallised”:
Has potential for designing a quilt from it?
Have fun and see what you can come up with!

3 thoughts on “colouring in 5 ways

  1. LOVE those roses Karen! What a fun program that is though! Will have to have a play with it myself. :) Missed everyone at the last group meeting but hope to be at this month’s. Working on my pages and my bag of stuff quilt plus finalising my fractured strips piece too! Plus doing other things too! lol See you soon! Jan

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