rusty puzzles

Well, what have I been working on? A little bit here and there, trying to keep everything progressing along. The Favourite Block Quiltalong, you can click on the button in my side-bar to go to Persimmon Dreams which is hosting it, has come to a close. That is, the last block has been posted and finished quilt tops have been displayed. I haven’t got all my blocks finished yet but I am still sewing along and will be there soon!
This week I made the Yankee Puzzle Block:
It was also a quickly pieced block, which I did in a scrappy colour-way.

And, I have made a start on the next fabric journal page challenge for my local quilt group. The theme this month is ‘rust’, so I have this piece of fabric gifted by Meryl,…
and these little tea-bag papers. I think they have a rusty look about them- don’t you think?
What the end-product will be is anyone’s guess at this stage!
Linking up also to the Work In progres post on Freshly Pieced.

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  1. Wondering what you will do with your guild project:)

    Cute,cute Yankee Puzzle block!

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