photos for May

A sample of my photos for the past month of May:

May 2 The theme was “what is in my cup”: this little cup is one given to me years ago by my Mum. It has a broken handle but still gives service on my shelf above my sewing machine:
#fmsphotoaday may4 {in my cup}

May 8 The theme was “shape”: this little box is handy with lots of compartments to keep bits and pieces of all shapes and sizes…
#fmsphotoaday may8 {shape}

May 10 “Stars” – wasn’t hard to find a star….
#fmsphotoaday may10 {star} #quilt #quilting #star

May 18 “Want” When we moved into our new house, I told my husband I wanted a rose garden: aren’t I lucky!
#fmsphotoaday may18 {want} I wanted a rose garden and I got it!

May 28 “What you are doing right now”.. at long last we set up this little flame given to me by my son for “Mothers Day”, so I was sitting and becoming mesmerised…
#fmsphotoaday may28 {what I'm doing right now} watching my Mother's Day gift

(all photos taken via Instagram)