a childhood memory

With ‘childhood memories’ as the theme, I set out to make the next fabric journal page in my local quilting group’s art group challenge. My sister reminded me of a beach shack we used to go to for our summer holidays when we were children. Our Dad used to rent it from a friend and we would head up to Moonta Bay, north of Adelaide, to stay in this little rough-and-ready shack for a couple of days. There wasn’t much at Moonta Bay in those days, and our weeks would be spent on the beach.
I wanted to make this in a style of using all hand-stitching, scrap fabrics and imprecise seams.
I started out with the background, adding border strips with a black backstitch so the stitches would peek through from the front.
The I had to go through my scraps and work out what bits and pieces I would need.

I cut out all the little shapes and stitched them on with backstitch, leaving the raw edges to roughen up.
The cheesecloth that I added for the sky was a piece that was the perfect colour, graduating from sandy to blue.

And then embellished with more handstitching.
Amanda can even remember the milk can which would be filled with our daily milk order.
I then turned under the edges of the border and attached it to a pievce of natural linen.

I did this piece in the style of the quilter Janet Bolton- check out her work.
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