photos for April

I try to take at least one photo a day, and I do so following the themes given by “fmsphotoaday” . Here are a few of my favourites from April:

April 4 The theme was “this happened today” : I made a mud cake using the good whiskey, as you do:
#fmsphotoaday apr4 {this happened today} I used the good whiskey in the mud cake...

April 11 For the theme “detail”, a look at some stitching I’ve done from an online class with Karen Ruane :
#fmsphotoaday apr11 {detail} #quilts #quilting #stitching

April 20 The theme was “on my mind”: this group of three are never far from my mind:
#fmsphotoaday apr20 {on my mind...}

April 21 The theme was “fire”:
#fmsphotoaday apr21{fire }

April 27 For the theme “earth”, this picture of a beautiful example of fruit from our earth:
#fmsphotoaday apr27{earth}  fruit of the ...

April 28 The theme “my Sunday”: how many Sunday afternoons are spent: backyard basketball
#fmsphotoaday apr28 {my Sunday} backyard basketball