free-styling it

When I started to develop my long-arm quilting business, I knew I needed to work out what style of quilting would be ‘my style’. There are quite a few long-arm quilters that quilters can choose to take their tops to these days, but all of them have their own style of quilting. I guess it’s like most things- you tend to gravitate to what you like to do mixed with what seems to come naturally to you. I have always liked to do free-motion quilting, often making up designs as I go. For most of the quilts that I do for other people I have used this free-style approach and utilising no, or minimal, marking. Luckily, so far that’s also what most customers have wanted.
I recently finished quilting this brightly coloured quilt for a client. It is only a small quilt; Colleen had made it as a tablecloth for her daughter.
She wanted an effect that wasn’t heavy on the quilting, with just a few specifications here and there.
In the flowered border I did a free-style continuous plume running around the edge…
with the flying geese blocks I just did a serpentine curve around the triangle edges and some curved shapes connecting the blocks.
There was also a little bunch of grapes here and there…
And, last but not least, here is my ‘rose of the week’- isn’t it just the most beautiful shade..

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  1. I have those roses, too! I think the name is Sterling? My tag was lost long ago, but I love them, too. I clipped a few just before our rainstorm hit on Monday–so glad I save them!

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