photos in March

Already another month has come and gone- a quarter of the way through 2013! I’m still joining in the Photoaday challenge, so here are a few that I took this month:

March 2 The theme was “I made this….” The temptation here was of course to show a quilt, but as I like to include photos that my two older children, who live away, can see to remind them of things happening around home, I instead showed this little doll I made for my daughter many years ago.
It is a little Red Riding Doll that is reversible- up the other way it’s the big bad wolf dressed up as Granny.
#fmsphotoaday mar2 {I made this...}

March 6 The theme was “fear”:
#fmsphotoaday mar6 {fear}.. That there's no Ice-cream left..
In my house fear is when there may be no icecream left….

March 9 “a faceless self portrait”- taken on a weekend away with my sister
#fmsphotoaday mar9 {faceless self portrait}

March 29 “good night”: what’s better than cuddling up under a quilt..
#fmsphotoaday mar29 {goodnight} cosy with a quilt #quilts

March 31 “stuff”: this is a bag of stuff that I have to use to make a small art quilt in a challenge with my local quilt group.
#fmsphotoaday mar31 {stuff}.. A bag of stuff from which to make an art creation..
It still is just stuff and I’m still just looking at it….

(all photos taken on iPhone via Instagram)