paper fabric

For this month’s art group challenge, we have to create a page for our fabric journal that has the theme of either a line from a poem or a common saying or verse. These challenges take a lot of thought- in fact I think I spend more time thinking and planning than actually creating it.
I had an idea that I’d like to incorporate paper onto the page this time and I had a recollection of reading somewhere about making a kind-of hybrid paper and fabric mix which can be stitched and used just like fabric. So I went hunting and found in this book…
…the instructions on how to make ‘fabric paper’. So that formed the basis of my play day on the weekend.
These are the makings: open weave muslin or cheesecloth, glue, paintbrush and a little paint, teabag paper, some tissue paper and newspaper- I wanted to have a newspaper-look to the fabric.
The process involved putting a layer of glue on to the fabric backing, then torn up bits of newspaper, more glue,
tissue paper, some teabag paper and more glue, and then sponging a little white paint here and there.
Looks lovely, no?
Leave it to dry, and the next day it looks like this:
Now I have a base, and I can start to embellish it.