a good weekend..

I hope everyone has had a good Easter weekend, and got to do whatever they best like to do- whether that was catching up with family and friends, going to church, resting and recuperating or maybe even sewing!
While we didn’t go away, we still had a great time doing lots.
We had seafood on Friday
I did some playing and experimenting on Saturday- I’ll show what this is all about another day-
the Easter Bunny came on Sunday, even though everyone in this house is much too old for such things!

And on Monday I got to have a sewing day with my sister. It’s all good…
I’m linking up to the Small Blog Meet over on Lily’s Quilts- there’s new blogs to check out there and I hope to see some new visitors to my site!

3 thoughts on “a good weekend..

  1. Your quilting is lovely. I especially love the Handkerchief Corners quilt! Best of luck in your quilting business.
    Stopping by from Lily’s Quilts.

  2. Having a sew play day does wonders for me, I get so much energy from being with my sewing buddy. I started a couple of new thing when I sent time with her on Friday.
    Visiting from a Small Blog Meet

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