fractured pictures

In past posts here I have shown photos of the ‘Fractured pictures’ project that my local art quilt group have been working on. We had a series of pictures that were split up into 6 equal slices and we all took a piece that we then re-created in fabric. You can see the progress here and here.
The pieces were then put back together with black framing, and even though it was a challenge working with pieces all made by other people with slight variations in sizes and seam allowances, I must say we were all very proud of the final effect!
The picture that I put back together was a night lights scene:

I made it into a wide wall-hanging using a black mottled fabric for the sahing and borders, to hopefully resemble a panoramic view.
This was the original photo:

and here are the two together:

We could exercise some artistic license in how the final pieces were assembled, so some were fabric-backed, some mounted on an artist’s canvas, not all used solid black fabric etc.
This next picture was put together by Jan:

This is a mountain hut, assembled by Shirley:

And this is a {European} city scape, assembled by Lyn: