catching up on my favourite blocks

I’ve been doing a little work on my blocks for the ‘My Favourite Block Quiltalong’. As you saw last week, I posted my tutorial for the strippy leaf block . I have made one large 12.5″ strippy leaf:

a couple of smaller 6.5″ leaves in the ‘scrappy’ colours:

as well as 4 in my alternate colour-way, which I then joined into the one large block:

Then on Thursday, Shanna from Fiber of all Sorts posted her Wonky Star block. I made one large block in the chocolate, blue & cream colours:

as well as a small one in my scrappy colours:

If you have made any blocks, load them onto the Flickr site, which is open to anyone to look, so we all can see! It’s great to see the variations that are being produced.