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Do you have a favourite colour? Mine has always been blue but as I’ve got older that has been expanded to include purple, and all shades in between.
So, I found the questions asked of me by Kim on ‘My Favourite Block quiltalong’ interesting. I mentioned on there that over the years I have found that I have used green more and more as a bright pop of colour in my quilts, even though green has never been a favourite. It was my mother’s favourite, and I remember asking her ‘how come you like green?’, with the underlying meaning that I couldn’t see why she did!
It got me to thinking and looking at what greens we have around us – there are thousands, probably an infinite number, of different greens in nature. Look at the variations just in this photo:

and a quick look around the garden:

A range of green fabrics, from someone who didn’t think she liked it all that much?

and where I’ve used them:

and this photo taken at my sister’s place recently, just because it looked lovely!

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Green really does go with every color! But for me it’s Red, I can’t get enough red.

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