show and tell

We have lots of talented people at my local quilt group, Gatton Quilters. At our first meeting for the year there were a lot of finished projects and quilts to share with the members, so it looked like everyone had been very busy over the break.
I managed to take a couple of photos to show here- apologies to those who I’ve missed out; I’ll have to be on the ball a bit quicker next time!



The Art Quilt group has started another new challenge this year. We will each be making a new page each month to eventually make a hand-made book. We will be making our own so how much work we put in to it and the end result is our own responsibility. Each month we will all have the same theme or item of inspiration and we can interpret that however we like, using whatever media, methods and techniques we wish. We plan to put the pages together and bind it by hand into – hopefully- a lovely book full of creativity.
For our first month, we had to use onion or fruit mesh bags for our inspiration and it certainly made for some interesting results! First up, this is my page:

I had decided that I wanted to use some of my old pieces of cloth that I have been collecting, and that I wanted to utilise stitch as much as possible in these pages. For this page I used a ground of loose woven linen and an old soft handkerchief with a fine crocheted edge, with a variety of pieces and scraps on top. The onion bag was used as a stencil through which I painted the birds.

I replicated the open mesh by stitching the wing on the top bird, using a stitch called buttonhole lace. I also used a variety of chain stitches to applique the birds, as the chain also looked like the mesh bag. The stitch across the bottom in a variegated thread also resembles the mesh; it’s a twisted cretan stitch.

Some others from the group included:
Shirley shows her attention to detail with her poinciana tree:

Jan M with her own dreamtime snake:

Helen’s dramatic piece, unfinished as yet; I love the almost-star shape formed by unravelling the mesh- so clever!:

Jan K’s fishing boat, also unfinished at the time:

All these works take a lot of thinking and planning, playing and experimenting and its fun to see what everyone comes up with!