group activities

The meetings for my local quilt group, Gatton Quilters, are about to begin so I have been busy preparing some things for our planned activities for the year.
We are going to have a ‘Half-Square Triangle’ swap. Utilising the printed papers that are provided generously on the website Quilting and Whatnot it’s very easy to sew up a lot of these colourful little units, a page at a time.
The instructions are given on that website, but you basically just use two pieces of fabric that are at least an A4 size,

place them RST and then lay the printed paper on top of them.

Sew along the dotted lines and then cut along the solid ones.

Remove the paper and press open and Voila! lots of quick little squares made of triangles.

Of course it means that you have 12 that are made at a time with the same two fabrics, so if you want to make a scrappy quilt, it’s a great idea to get with a group of people and swap some of yours for some of theirs- you end up with a much greater variety of fabrics, but still made super quickly.
My group is making squares that will be 2 1/2″ square finished, with one light and one dark fabric.
I’ve made a few sheets of them so I can swap half and keep half so I still get to have some of my own fabric in my final arrangement.
Our little Art Quilt group also has a few different things happening this year. One of them is a challenge where we each bring along a bag of randomly- chosen items which will be passed onto another person, who then has to use those items in an art quilt piece. I have been putting together my bag of goodies, some of which might be seen below.. or I may change my mind….

Last but not least, here is our little birthday girl. Hayley turned one this week, so she got a new toy to chase!