scrappy tripping

I’ve seen variations of this quilt on quite a few websites, and given my liking for ‘scrappy’ quilts, or any quilts that have lots and lots of different fabrics in them, I just had to give it a go. It’s called the Scrappy Trip Around the World Quilt.

The traditional TAW quilts were probably made by cutting up lots of little squares and sewing them together row by row, and also by using a defined set of fabrics. The little squares could be arranged in a diamond pattern on the surface of the quilt.

But this method, which I found on the Quiltville website, is really quick. You just sew together 6 strips of fabric,

then join those together to make a ‘tunnel’ which you then cross-cut so you have 6 loops of joined squares. You then unpick a seam at a different spot with each loop, moving along one square each time, so you end up with rows like these:

Those rows are joined together and you can see the lines of colour going diagonally through the block.

These blocks are just up on my wall at the moment to have a look at them, because it’s so tempting just to see what the next block looks like! So, even though there are so many fabrics, you can still see a diamond pattern emerging:

You don’t even have to have a diamond pattern- you could do anything you want. I’ll probably re-arrange these, to try out some variations, before I’m finished. I may only make another few, perhaps to have 4 blocks across by 6 blocks down?
And I’m linking to the Freshly Pieced Work-In-Progress blog post!

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