photos for January

I’ve been continuing along with the photoaday challenge (from this site). It’s easy to do- take a photo that is your interpretation of that day’s theme. You can then post it to Facebook or use Instagram on your iphone, which is where I do it. Instagram also has some filters you can play around with to give different effects and borders etc. to the photos.
Here is a round-up of my four favourite photos from January:

January 7 The theme was “street”.

January 10 The theme was “one o’clock” so this is what I saw at one o’clock that day:

January 15 Theme: “an ordinary moment” which I sort-of interpreted as an everyday happening:

January 30 The theme was “down” – my photo is of the clues for the ‘down’ section of a crossword, see the clue for Down. 30.

Well, I thought it was tricky…..

I have also made the next block in the My Favourite Block Quilt Along. This one is called ‘Reflections’, which I hadn’t heard of before. At first glimpse it looks like it could belong in a Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt, but it differs in that only 3 fabrics are used, and the little squares are arranged in a certain order according to their value:

We have to use a dark, medium and light fabric- I’m not sure that these show up the effect as well as they should:

and you do end up with 3 left-over four-patch blocks, which will no doubt come in handy to fit in a spare spot in the scrappy quilt somewhere.