5 colour combinations…

Do you ever wonder how fabric designers come up with the designs and colour combinations that they do? Or when looking at quilt designs, wonder how the designer thought to put particular fabric combinations together? I love scrappy quilts where lots and lots of fabrics are added in together, and the premise for making them is that you use any scraps you have and just add them all together. The end product always comes out looking great, without hours spent agonising over which fabric to add to others.
I contemplated such matters while sewing more of my spiderweb quilt blocks. When sewing the strips together I did not pay any attention to which strips I was picking up to sew together, I wanted it to be as random as possible. And it was while I was sewing the triangles together that I happened to notice some colour combinations that looked really great together; possibly ones that I may not have originally thought I would put together in another quilt- or maybe I like to think I would?!
Look at these two pieces of fabric.

These two wouldn’t have been fabrics that jump out as complementing each other, but when you see two strips together, (I think) they look great:

This next piece is a Kaffe Fassett fabric. I love it for what it is, but the fabrics that have ended up next to it in the triangles below really show how versatile it is:

the spotted fabric was the one that first caught my eye:

Even blues and greens, caramel and stripes:

Clever Kaffe!

good things a-happening..

Lots of good things happened here today.

My sister came to my place for a “girls’ day sewing”.

Amanda brought a new project to work on, with a selection of lovely Japanese fabrics and a cute little quilt pattern to start on.

I decided to work on my spiderweb quilt.

I sewed many triangles together.

My daughter made us a very tasty quiche for lunch while we sewed. And pressed.

And quilted.

She also made some patty cakes

and along with the apricot and passionfruit jam that Amanda brought down, we had a very happy little domestic scene happening!

It’s all good..

some new things

I made a lovely colourful ‘turban footstool’ as a Christmas present for my daughter to put in her new flat, and now I can show it because it’s no longer a surprise!

I used a Kathy Doughty pattern that was published in the Quilter’s Companion magazine #49, from early 2011. I did make a couple of changes: the original pattern was for a closed outer, i.e. you added the filling and sewed it closed. This meant it couldn’t be washed – probably not a good idea for a uni flat. So I added a zip in one side, and also used a triple stitch on all the seams for extra reinforcement.

The fabrics I used are the same that I’m using in a quilt I’m making for her 21st birthday later in the year so it will all look great together!

Over the last few days I have been doing some hand-sewing, working on a little seasonal cloth as part of Jude Hill’s Spirit Cloth forum that I follow.

I have done some pieces before through classes with Jude, who does such beautiful work. This is still a work in progress, and the little creature will be a reindeer once I’ve added his antlers, but at the moment he looks a little sheepish- I know he is a little funny looking but I have a lot of affection for him!!

I wanted to add a little touch of Australia so I added the Southern Cross stars instead of a wintery scene. I love working with old soft cloth and remnants and scraps, adding stitching to pull it all together.

I can’t usually work out the whole ‘story’ before I’ve begun a cloth, so I usually just make it up as I go along. The triangular pieces have no particular significance- for some reason that shape just seemed to look the best there, and the scrap of gold silk also wanted to be put where it is. Now it appears as though it could be a shooting star, but that’s just happenstance. I’ll show the whole cloth when it is finished.
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