quilting companions

When surfing around the ‘net, looking at quilt blogs and the like, I often see photos of people who quilt and sew with companions in their sewing room, lots of 4-legged companions. I also have those- two dogs that like to come in for a visit every now and then.
Haley, the young and energetic black Kelpie-cross and

Chloe, the little old chihuahua, who just tolerates Haley hanging around.

They like to have a sniff around, check out the kitchen floor for crumbs and then collapse on the floor for a rest while they keep me company.
This morning our fire alarms started playing up, so while we tried to stop the noise, Haley was a little concerned at the racket and was kept very busy pacing through the house and following Dad around while he checked them out. So when that was over, she was very tired and of course had to have a rest right here:

But, I also have other unique sewing companions. We have two big green frogs that live outside somewhere (don’t know where they disappear to but as long as they stay outside…) If I am sewing at night, I often see them on one of my windows, probably helping themselves to the insects. When it rained yesterday after many weeks of hot dry conditions, this old ‘Boofhead’, as we’ve named him, had to try out the water, so he went straight to the source:

He is sitting directly under the water as it flows from the gutters!

And a sneaky look at the quilt I have on my longarm machine at the moment.

See the little scissors on a chain in the corner of the photo- they were given to me by a quilting friend at Christmas- aren’t they cute!