spiderwebs everywhere

I don’t know where the time gets to. I’d like to give an update here on what progress I’ve made on different projects but it sometimes seems, when I do so, that I’m talking about the same quilt many times over. But to be realistic, I can’t be starting a brand new quilt every week now, can I? And I do sometimes take a long time to get one finished so it is inevitable that I show progress on the same quilt here on this blog at least a few times. (This is me talking to myself.)
So that now I have reassured myself that it’s okay to – once again- mention my spiderweb quilt, I’ll get on with showing where I am up to with it!

Here is a previous blog post.
I finally finished cutting the strippy triangles and the black kite shapes for in-between and arranged them on the design wall.
Now I had to decide on how to arrange them: they could be either with a part-web up in the outer corners, like this:

or with the black pieces in the corners, like this:

I decided I liked this second arrangement better, because they would lead into black borders a little better. Next to consider was the question of whether I wanted to have half-webs along each of the sides..

If I didn’t, I would have to make more strippy triangles to complete those webs, and have them surroundered by more of the black.
I only wanted to make the quilt to have about 3 rows of ‘spiderwebs’, and if I now am going to contemplate completing those webs, I would have to sew more strips together and cut more triangles. You can guess where I’m going here- I’m a little bit over sewing strips and cutting triangles, so I spent a lot of time looking at it and trying to justify in my mind that half-webs would look okay.
No, they wouldn’t. So it’s back to cutting and sewing more strips together to make another 48 triangles.
I’m onto it.

I’m linking up to Freshly Pieced’s blog with Work-In-Progress Wednesday– have a look at others and what they are up to.

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