progressing my diamonds quilt

I have started quilting my bordered diamonds quilt; you might remember from last year that I had at long last finished the top. This is it up on the design wall.

I like to drape the quilt-top over the bars of my long-arm machine for a day or two as I think it over in my mind to come up with the quilting design. That way, it is there in front of me whenever I go into my sewing room and I glance at it as I go past. I look at it when I’m sitting in my corner chair having a coffee, looking through magazines for inspiration and ideas.

For this one, I didn’t want to have too much quilting, because the emphasis is on the many and varied colourful fabrics, and too much quilting could be time wasted. I decided to do a little -in-the-ditch around the inside borders of the diamonds and a diagonally down through the rows, and then a free-hand squiggle inside each diamond.

I chose a mid-blue thread to quilt it with- being so multi-coloured can be tricky when choosing the thread colour but overall this top seemed to have more blue than most of the others, plus it just looked right, and plus the backing fabric has a blue design on it.

The backing is a Kaffe Fassett fabric, even though it’s not like his other large-prints, and also is probably from an early collection- I’ve had it for a few years so can’t remember now!

This link is to the Freshly Pieced website where lots of other quilters have their works-in-progress to show- take a little minute to have a look!

And another thing: don’t forget the ‘Favourite Block Quilt-along’ which is starting this week from the Persimon Dreams website- you can click on the square over to the right to find out all about it. I am contributing a block to it in February, and am also going to sew each block that is presented weekly by other designers. A block a week can’t be too hard to keep up with, right?

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