playing with paint

Sunday was another really hot day here and spent mainly inside with the air-con, so I decided to have a play with some fabric paints. Painting on fabric and embellishing with different techniques is something I’ve long been interested in, but don’t actually do that often. Not sure why- probably just because of the thought of getting the supplies out and cleaning up afterwards, but also I think because I have a tendency to mainly do something for a particular purpose, and not just to have a play and experiment. I think that is a legacy from always having to fit my quilting and art around work, and with limited short periods of time that I could use, I had to use it efficiently as possible.

So anyway, I’m trying to rectify that mind-set, and got the paints out, and the brushes and the water and the stamps and had a go!
The little house stamp is one I made last year in a workshop with Lisa Walton. I used fabric paint mixed with a little textile medium and painted it on to the stamp with a brush. If I was intending to do a lot I would have used a roller to roll the paint on to the stamp.

I just used some calico, and in this house below, brushed on some darker paint across the lower part- I like that effect of varying the shades within the one stamp mixed with the ‘swipe’ marks of the brush. I added the gold on later.

I stamped it on to some old fabric left from some dressmaking; perhaps it might make its way into a street scene one day.
The purple part of the fabric directly above the houses looks like volcano lava flowing down?

I’ve had this little fleur-de-lis stamp in my cupboard for years so tried it too.

First by itself on some calico and also in a row. The looked a bit boring in a row by themselves so I got out some gold paint and swiped a little on with the brush.

So even though I still had to clean up afterwards, it felt good to have a play- these bits will come in handy for some future art quilt projects!