improvisational quilting

I have quite a few quilting projects happening this year; they’re all exciting and promise to be lots of fun. One I’m hoping to be involved in is the Improvi-Robin, organised by Stephanie from the Venus deHilo website. Improvi-Robin is a round robin group quilting project. The focus is on creative play through improvisational and liberated piecing with what we find in our scrap and “orphans and extras” bins. It means there are no patterns or instructions; you just improvise and make up something that you think will suit each block as you see it. Each participating quilter creates a starting block, and swaps with other “robins” to add to a different work-in-progress each month.
You can have a look at what was created last year on this page

On a smaller scale is this little quilt I made last year:

I started with the house block and made up other blocks to add to it, improvising as I went along and using other little blocks I had left over from other projects plus scraps and fabrics already in my stash.

At the end of each round, pictures will be shared on the Improvi-Robin flickr group.
Groups will be formed of 5-7 people, with one month to complete each round. That means we’ll be piecing and swapping for 6 or 7 months, then you’ll have the rest of the year to add to and finish the top you get back from your round robin partners. Stephanie ran the first season of this last year, and I’m hoping there will be international participants this year, if there is enough to form a group.
If we can get enough people in Australia who would like to join in to make a group then we won’t have the high cost of overseas postage for the blocks each month. If you are interested go to Venus de Hilo and have a look. She is hoping to hear from people by the 14th January.