5 colour combinations…

Do you ever wonder how fabric designers come up with the designs and colour combinations that they do? Or when looking at quilt designs, wonder how the designer thought to put particular fabric combinations together? I love scrappy quilts where lots and lots of fabrics are added in together, and the premise for making them is that you use any scraps you have and just add them all together. The end product always comes out looking great, without hours spent agonising over which fabric to add to others.
I contemplated such matters while sewing more of my spiderweb quilt blocks. When sewing the strips together I did not pay any attention to which strips I was picking up to sew together, I wanted it to be as random as possible. And it was while I was sewing the triangles together that I happened to notice some colour combinations that looked really great together; possibly ones that I may not have originally thought I would put together in another quilt- or maybe I like to think I would?!
Look at these two pieces of fabric.

These two wouldn’t have been fabrics that jump out as complementing each other, but when you see two strips together, (I think) they look great:

This next piece is a Kaffe Fassett fabric. I love it for what it is, but the fabrics that have ended up next to it in the triangles below really show how versatile it is:

the spotted fabric was the one that first caught my eye:

Even blues and greens, caramel and stripes:

Clever Kaffe!