fifth day of christmas

On the fifth day of Christmas, I have five handmade christmas goodies made over a number of years. I like to get these out each Christmas and add to the Christmas decorations around the house. The first one is a wall hanging that was a joint effort with my daughter about 7 or 8 years ago. She was only around 12 or 13 at the time and did a lot of the hand sewing on this country-styled postcards hanger.

Number 2 is a little bird that I stitched about 2 years ago from a kit I bought at a craft show (can’t remember the name now).

Number 3 is a flower I did just last year from an article in Quilting Arts Gifts. It’s made with scraps of paper, lace and fabric tacked onto a wire frame made by bending wire around to form the petals and leaves. It gets to hang out in the christmas tree,

Number 4 is a stitchery that I also did many years ago, the pattern- I think- was in a Homespun magazine. Check out the French knots for Santa’s fur-lined coat! So cute, and it also is titled ” ’twas the night before Christmas…” my most favourite christmas story.

And number 5 for this fifth day is an angel. My daughter and I made a few of these about 4 or 5 years ago and I just love them because they are made out of almost nothing- scraps of fabric, wool, ribbon, feathers, lace, wings and little embellishments stuck on with glue. They are all completely different.

So, there you have it- five little homemade christmas goodies for the fifth day of Christmas.