the beach and an apple tree

A little more quilt art to show. Another talented Gatton Quilter has assembled the next fractured-picture art quilt from our yearly challenge. This one was assembled by Jan M.

Assembled by Jan M. Pieces (L-R): Lorraine, Meryl, Jan M, Shirley, Jan K, Karen

The original picture is on the left with our re-creation on the right. Jan has put the pieces together with a black sashing and black border and mounted it on a canvas. It looks fantastic- all the segments segue into each other to create a scene that you have to keep looking at to take in all the techniques that the contributors have used in their pieces.
By their use of paint, coloured pencils, fabric, threads, string and all manners of bits and pieces the creators have given texture and dimension to their pictures.
For my segment, which is the last one on the right in the completed picture, I added some sari scrap for the fallen tree and used different threads and hand-stitching as well as free-hand machine stitching. Below is the picture of that when I originally completed it.

I also recently finished another quilt on my long-arm quilting machine. This is Meryl’s apple core quilt which she pieced all by hand.

The quilting I did was a design of a tree across two segments and repeated across the quilt, so they appear to interlock with each other.

To get the design to be the same in all the blocks I made a plastic stencil to trace around, then hand-guided the machine’s foot to quilt it.
Hope you have a good weekend!

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  1. So I’m totally crushing on the apple core quilt. I love the idea that you did apple trees as the quilting. That is just too cute.

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