long-arm machine quilting

I have just finished a quilt on my long-arm quilting machine for Meryl. Meryl made her quilt top from a jelly roll of strips and chose to have it quilted in an all-over free-hand design. I quilted it with a design of flowers, leaves and tendrils to complement the flower theme of the fabric.

The thread used was a light caramel colour, in a 100% cotton thread.

My long-arm quilting machine is a Gammill Classic Plus, and I do all the quilting hand-guided, which means I don’t use any computerised software. I have chosen to use this method so that I can use the all-over freehand style which I use to create designs such as these.

This style of free-hand quilting is a bit different to a machine quilter who might use the computerised attachments for quilting machines to produce what is generally known as an edge-to-edge design, that is, a repeating pattern over the quilt top.

I can however use a pantograph pattern to replicate an all-over design, if that’s what a client chooses. This involves a paper design ‘pattern’ that is laid down on the quilting table and by the use of a laser light I can trace around the line-drawn design with the light while the machine stitches the design.

The photo below shows a quilt I did for Trudy a few months ago using this method.

While I like to use the free-hand style, I will use whichever method is best suited to produce the effect the client is after. If a client wants a certain design it might also be better to use a stencil or template to reproduce it consistently over the quilt top.
So many choices!