mastering the stitch

Stem stitch is one of those stitches that most, if not everyone, can do, yes? no? It is a stitch that I am usually not very happy with when I try it, and now is no exception. I have been working on this little birdie project, and now onto the second bird:

as I mentioned in a previous post, at least it is giving me practise at doing stem stitch. I think I have worked out where I’m going wrong. When I go to do each successive stitch I am bringing the needle up at the wrong place, like in this photo- the red arrow shows I’m coming up too far back,

and it should come up at the end of the previous stitch, like in this photo:

Now I just have to remember that! For some reason I keep thinking that the needle needed to come out further back to create that sloping look to the stitch, but as long as the thread is kept to underneath the needle, it will automatically create that look as each stitch is taken. Phew, something so simple……

And here is a little montage of photos with colour combinations that caught my eye this week. The rose is the Peace rose, and that is for those people around the world who are currently involved in some way with conflict and I’m sure would like some peace in the coming Christmas season.
The diamonds quilt top that I finished last week is ‘undergoing auditions’ for the binding, when the purple/cerise/whatever strip fell out of my scrap pile- it goes in the ‘possibles’.
The Kaffe Fassett quilt on my bed usually appears to have a mainly-red colour scheme when you look at it as a whole, but I happened to look at it one morning against green pillow cases and the green squares really popped out. Nice.