art is quilt is art

The families of quilters are used to hearing words such as ‘that would make a good quilt’ or ‘wouldn’t that be nice in a quilt’ or even ‘I could use that in a quilting design’. You know what it’s like- there’s possibility in whatever we see around us.
So I thought it amusing the other day when a friend commented on a photo in a news magazine: “that looks like a quilt”: in other words, the photo appeared to be of a quilt already constructed, so our first thoughts were that it was a quilt, and not a garden photo that could then be re-produced in a quilt. Just a bit of a twist on the usual train of thought.

Qweekend Nov17-18 2012, Photographer: A.Sexton

It looks just like the types of quilts created by Noriko Endo, who makes fantastic confetti-style quilts. Check some of them out here
The photo appeared in the colour magazine Qweekend in last weekend’s Courier Mail (Brisbane, Qld). It was a reader’s contributed photo of the Butchart Gardens in Canada.

And this is what is on my longarm at the moment- just a sneak peek at the lovely buttery creams, coffee, greens and apricots.

Another and, Happy Birthday to my lovely son out there somewhere on a patch of ocean!