a little more Christmas..

A few more little Christmas projects I’ve been working on. This is a Christmas tree hanger, made from an Abundia pattern. I chose to make it mainly in Japanese fabrics, supplemented with a few others.

I like to use fabrics and colours which aren’t necessarily the traditional red and green, but still the Christmas vibe is there- these are little Chrissy trees on top of each other. I’m still working on it so will show a photo here when it’s finished. I’m not sure about adding bells onto the ends of the tree ‘branches’??? I’ll think about it.
I love this little piggy fabric!

It is from my slowly growing collection of fabrics which I plan to use one day for a Japanese-inspired quilt.
And, there’s more…. Believe it or not, these will be a pear:

I am adapting a pattern from this magazine (2010 ed )

to make one of these

only instead of making it glittery, I’ve added some hand-embroidery onto some of the panels.
It’s all fun!
I’m taking part in the Works-In-Progress posts on Freshly Pieced- go for a visit and check out what others are working on.

9 thoughts on “a little more Christmas..

  1. I love the pears because of the beautiful hand embroidery. I would never have guessed they were pears — they look like what we call bowling pins. Also love the little piggie in one of your christmas tree segments.

  2. oh, that pear’s going to be gorgeous. Fun piggy on the tree hanger! It looks like that’s a lot of work? Will bells weigh it down too much – or maybe, a bell on every other or every third branch? Cute idea, though!

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