the weekend’s happenings

A really busy weekend in my house! On Saturday I went to the Gatton Quilters monthly meeting/sewing day, which is always good to catch up on what others are working on at the moment. We also planned some projects that the group will be starting next year, as well as the Art Quilt mini-group’s activities. Some exciting things that will keep the grey cells working.
Our project for this year has been the fractured picture quilts which I’ve mentioned here and here. We are close to the end now- we will have one full picture for each participating member so we distributed all of the finished parts to their new ‘owner’. We each have to construct the quilt using those parts. We are adding black strips in between each part plus a border- but how individuals go about that is up to their own creative ideas. I have been given the ‘Nightlights’ quilt, for which this was the part I did:

Once the last few members have forwarded their parts onto me I’ll be able to put it all together. Can’t wait to see what the finished quilts look like.
I was also the lucky one to win this month’s raffle: isn’t it a beauty!

Alison made it, and she went above and beyond the call of duty: a lovely sashiko stitchery, with red thread on cream, even though the photo is not that good, which already has a place on my wall for Christmas.

Sunday was spent helping my daughter move out of her university residential college into a flat. It was a little sad as she has been living on-campus for three years now and made some really good friends. For her last year of her degree she will be sharing a flat with 2 other girls, which will also be a whole new experience in cooking, cleaning and generally being responsible for one’s own livelihood. She’s a beautiful intelligent girl so I’m sure she’ll work it out!
This photo was taken just last week when we had lunch together for Melbourne Cup Day.

It’s all good.

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  1. this post brought back memories of moving both my kids when they were at Uni….we worry so much about them but there’s no need is there. They are free and having the time of their lives!

    • Yes, you’re right. We shouldn’t worry. I just wish the years wouldn’t go past so quickly!

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