starting on the Chrissy projects

I love this Christmas-time of year. I love everything about it: especially the general good vibes everyone has about making it a family ‘thing’, the getting together with friends and family, the social events, the ‘Christmas’ cooking, and especially the Christmas sewing and crafts and all sorts of little goodies to make!
I mentioned here a few weeks ago about this little birdie hanger that I bought at the Brisbane Quilt & Craft Show:

In my mind I’m classing it a Christmas project (why not?) and so far have completed the stitching on one little bird:

It still has to be put together yet of course. But I noted it is a little creased after all that scrunching that resulted from my stitching, so I employed a trick I learnt from a class I took from Karen Ruane earlier this year and damp-stretched it.

To do this I pinned it to a cork board, pulling it gently into shape and sprayed lightly with water- just enough to feel a little damp, not soaked! then let dry.
All the creases have disappeared and the stitching still sits up nicely from the background, not flattened like an iron would.

Birdie is nearly ready to fly!

Are you doing any Chrissy stitching?

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