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While working on the goodies for the craft show I had to suspend my other projects, so it has been good to get back into working on them again. I have been working on this quilt top for about 18 months now, ever since starting it in a Kaffe Fassett workshop when he visited Toowoomba early 2011.

I did the workshop because I didn’t know whether I would ever again get the chance to do one with the ‘Master of Colour’, even though I didn’t really need to be starting another quilt top at the time. It was worked on for small periods of time in between other priorities. It is also a quilt top that needs lots of looking at on the design wall, rearranging here and there to ensure a balance between lights and darks.
A couple of months ago, I had got to the stage where the diamond blocks were joined into rows, and then the rows were left in a pile, all with little bits of paper denoting their row number.

At long last, this week I got to the rows and joined them all. Even with the row numbers marked on them, I had a few second thoughts ( I guess that should be second and third thoughts?) on the order, so back up on the wall they went with lots of consultation with the photos I had taken all those months ago. Thank goodness for digital cameras!
So this is the top in its current state with all the rows joined. I just have to decide on some backing, but most importantly how to quilt it!

It required some concentration and careful piecing to ensure the seams in each diagonal row matched. There were many hours of stitching in it, which gave me lots of time to think about sewing in general- about all those little things that we learn from the sheer hours spent feeding pieces into our sewing machine. A lot of little things that come from hours of practice, and often little things not worthy of a specific skill-name but just from the familiarity you get when spending a lot of time doing it.
A comment came to mind that I heard once about how tricky it can be to sew a triangle to a square and get the edges lined up properly, so that you get the little triangle point- the dog’s ear or bunny ears- protruding the exact length beyond the straight side of the square. In this quilt I had that situation a few times. I find it easiest to just make sure that where the triangle point extends past the square, it does so at the 1/4″ mark, i.e. by eye-balling it so the ‘valley’ occurs at the 1/4″ mark, like I’ve marked in these photos.

This next photo shows matching up 2 rows on the quilt top – the pin is at the ‘valley’ and this shows where two pieces each join at a different angle- as long as the the ‘ear’ is pointing up only a 1/4″ at its base, you know it will be correct when it is opened up.

It’s all good when the points of two angled rows match up:


I’m taking part in the Work In Progress post on Freshly Pieced!

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  1. With all those gorgeous colorful fabrics, I would quilt something like this very simply so the quilting motifs don’t fight with the fabrics. I would just stitch in the ditch around the inner and outer blocks. You really don’t need anything more because this quilt is already a visual veast. (Just my two cents.)

  2. LOVE your Kaffe Fassett diamonds quilt! Some projects are well worth the long time spent on them, and this is one of those, for sure. :D

  3. Love this quilt. Kaffe Fassett came to a local quilt shop of mine and he taught how to design this quilt. Still kicking myself for not signing up in time. Guess I will just have to use the book and try to teach myself.

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