felted flower quiltlet

This little quilt has had quite a few hours spent on it. I wanted to experiment with the needle felting machine and rather than just play with it, actually produce something worthwhile at the end. I was aiming for a watercolour impressionistic effect- where you could see the flower shapes but without distinct defined outlines.

I felted lots of different fibres and bits and bobs to try their effect. I started with silk tops; teasing and pulling the fibres and arranging in loose flower shapes. Bits of torn silk sari scraps, ribbons and threads were also added in. They all felted in okay, except I learnt after a few broken needles that the gold threads in the sari ribbons are a little tough!

I then did a lot of free-hand stitching; this stitching was what then gave some definition to the flowers as before that the felted parts looked a little like colour blobs. After doing that I realised there were gaps which needed more filling in, so that had to be done without felting too much over the top of the stitching and thereby covering it up. More stitching, plus stitching around the background areas in a big squiggly pattern completed it.
I added a border of hand-dyed blue/green fabric- the colour of which surprised me as I didn’t at first plan on that but it seemed to suit the piece the best. I also tried another new-to-me technique with the mitred corners on the border to make it resemble a frame.

The quilting of leaves on the borders was done free-hand, and it was bound with a gold batik.

I added little corners to the back for easy hanging.

This little quiltlet didn’t sell at the recent art and craft show but maybe one day it will find a home!